Photo:  @AroundQ

Photo: @AroundQ

Hi, I'm Joshua.

I've been an entrepreneur as long as I can remember. My ventures have been in a variety of industries including automotive, entertainment, and education technology. I'm a marketer at heart and have always been drawn to the challenge of identifying a problem and working to implement a creative solution.

I was the lead advocate for the community-driven Rethink Homelessness Campaign (site, YouTube, Facebook) and led the digital efforts to secure SunRail in Central Florida.

In 2015, I took on the alter ego of Elvis, the Orlando King Cobra.  Elvis was an 8 ft long Egyptian King Cobra that had escaped his owners enclosure and remained on the slither for 37 days.  I took this opportunity to create a real time Instagram case-study and guide for my UCF Entrepreneurial Marketing students as well as small businesses.

Today, photography is my everyday life. I am the photographer for J's Everyday Fashion. In other words, I'm a legit "Instagram husband."  I also shoot real estate, landscapes, wildlife, and aerials.

I have the hiccups. Every day, literally.